The month we’ve been waiting for is finally here (yay!). So, we wanna share with you some superb Ramadhan fasting tips to help you get through the month.

  1. Healthy Suhur
    Never skip suhur as it is the most important meal of the day. Find time to prepare a healthy suhur and it doesn’t have to be an elaborate meal. It could be simple yet high in energy such as oatmeal or multigrain cereal.
  2. Drink Plenty of Water
    You might be tempted with that iced neslo or those cold sirap limau but it might be wiser to skip all sugary drink. Our body can easily be dehydrated during the day so it is best to drink plain water instead. Learn to regulate drinking plain water during the night.
  3. Wean Off Smoking
    Reduce puffing out smokes even before ramadhan start. Some of you might be exercising less but still continue on smoking when Ramadhan starts. This could take a toll on your stamina, so take this chance to improve your health by stop smoking altogether.
  4. Walk Everywhere
    Ever notice that you tend to cut down exercises in the holy month? Replace all that with simple actions like walking to the mosque for tarawih or parking further away from your office. Just with few minutes of brisk walking, you can improve blood circulation and make the heart stronger.
  5. Exercise regularly
    Don’t let the holy month deters you from exercising. While you can actually exercise, reserve all weight lifting exercise for night. During the day, 30 minutes of low intensity cardio exercise before iftar should already be sufficient.

So Warriors, share with us what else do you do to keep your body healthy and maintain your stamina in the month of Ramadhan?