Sungai Lembing, a former mining town which was once the deepest and longest underground mine in the world. It is about 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur or 35 minutes from Kuantan town.

Rainbow Waterfall

Rainbow Waterfall

The famous Rainbow Waterfall is about 10 km away from Xcape Resort. They provide transport of 4-wheel drive vehicle to the waterfall.

Waterfall drop-off point is about 50 minutes from our Xcape Resort, followed by a 40 minutes of land trekking to reach the waterfall. The scene of the waterfall with the rainbow is simply magnificent and definitely worth a visit.

Panorama Hill

Rainbow Waterfall

Panorama Hill is a popular place to witness the sunrise. To get to Panorama Hill, walk down past the morning market to the end of the road and there’s a path leading up to the hill. It is just within Sg. Lembing town. Panorama Hill is 330 meters above sea level. It takes approximately 40 minutes to climb to the top of the hill. It is best to start hiking before 6am and reach to the top of the hill before 7am to catch up with the spectacular sunrise view. Bring along torchlight as there are no lights along the way.

Sungai Lembing Museum

Sungai Lembing Museum in the town traces the history of the once world-famous subterranean tin-mine. It is set up in the residence of the manager of the tin mining company up on the knoll.

Admission is free.

Tin Mine Tunnel

There is an interesting tin mine tunnel to visit in Sungai Lembing. A special tram is provided as a transport to go inside the tunnel. Visitors will be taken into the heart of the mine and witness part of the estimated 700m deep shaft.

There are a few pit stops in the tunnel where visitors can learn about the tin mining history in Sungai Lembing. Ticket can be purchased online at

Suspension Bridge

There are a few suspension bridges in Sungai Lembing which have been over 100 years old across the river and connecting to the main town of Sungai Lembing.


Two are located in the village of Kampung Kuala Kenau and Takar Rapids in the north, while another one is located at the village of Kampung Seberang Kolong Pahat in the south.

Orang Asli Settlement

Kampung Sg. Mas Orang Asli Settlement is located about 5km from Sungai Lembing. For living, they have turned to rubber tapping and cattle rearing.

Sungai Jin Deer Farm

The deer-breeding farm is located about 5km from the small town of Javelin via Kampung Kuala Kenau. There are various types of deer in the farm.

Famous Food

Sg. Lembing noodles and soft stuffed tofu made using spring water are must try!